stocksnap_2kady7mrmvWelcome to December, a month that often brings with it more snow, more errands to run, more spending and by default, more stress. This year, why not commit to checking in with yourself? To doing more of what fills your heart with joy; to rushing less and connecting more.

C. Jones said, “The joy of brightening others’ lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of the holidays.”


At the lake, life is far quieter in the winter, making it the perfect place to contemplate blessings, reflect back on our first year here at JLL and think of the many ways we can easily lift the spirits of another. In front of a roaring fire, with a hot mug of tea, it becomes clear that helping others can be as simple as lending a hand or an opening door. It can be a sincere complement or a cold beer. It can be an extra log on the fire or a hand unloading a car.


Giving to others has been proven to boost not only the spirits of the recipient, but also of the giver. All season long, we witnessed cabin neighbours smiling at one another, sharing laughs. We experience area locals offering tips and tools. And for every act, we felt grateful.


So this holiday season, we are bringing forth a little magic. We are choosing to see the goodness in others and help out when we can, give an extra tin to bins and fill pockets and hearts with love. Wherever you travel this holiday season, may you do so safely and in alignment with your values. Check out, log off and appreciate the beauty abound. We will.





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