IMG_7999This past weekend with a tin boat and a sense of adventure we traversed down a path to Malloy Lake. It was mid evening as the sun was going down and all that could be heard was the sloshing of feet and the singing of birds.

There is something about June that beckons a voyage into the unknown; a suggestive underlying urge to travel into a time or space, that until now, has been unexplored. Perhaps it is that June honours fathers, or that here in Manitoba, it is a month to celebrates miles, regardless June seems to whisper, “Go ahead, try it. Find your true north, test the water, jump to discover what could happen.”

The great writer, John Steinbeck said, “In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.”

And so it was, a new newness as though the sun was setting for the very first time. A sense of possibility that summer 2016 is beneath every blade of grass. A Monday morning less painful knowing the weekend was filled with newness. At Jessica Lake, we are exploding with adventure as we watch first time and returning guests make memories.

Just as every sunset is different, so too is each day. And as we ease into another work week, we feel lighter knowing we left behind a layer of city skin. In my mind I can hear the childhood game, I’m going on a camping trip and I’m going to bring…

I carefully make mental notes about what to bring out to Jessica Lake next as I envision roasting marshmallows over open fires and the sound of hummingbirds vibrating in my chest. Each season doles out gifts, each month new experiences. If you’ve returned to work and are envious of the stories shared by your colleagues about their adventures, it’s time you thought about getting out of the city to see what adventures await. Think about that moment when you let go of the road, let without knowing, traveled with the sun.

Here’s to a week that passes quickly and a summer that does not.

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