This past weekend, the lodge was fully booked. In fact, this winter we have been fortunate to have met many new friends. We have had a barrage of snow lovers, peace seekers and families who come to hunker down and reconnect. As we near the end of one full year as lodge owners, we cannot help but reflect on our fortune and all those that we have met.

Naturally, it has been hard work, but also it has been a kaleidoscope of colourful connections.

On Friday night, we had a couple arrive at the lodge looking for a cabin for just one night. Area cottage owners, they were locked out of their own place and in need of humanity. The night had turned dark; and, they were reluctant to drive back to the city.

Of course, we devised until we came up with a solution. We shared a homemade meal including pie, and made yet another set of new friends. That perhaps has been one of the most enlightening aspects of life out here at the lake. You never know when someone is going to need help, including us. You never know the value of kindness or better yet, humanity.

You see, out here, we don’t rush. We are able to not be shrouded with the veil of busyness. We aren’t overscheduled nor do we get too worked up about much. Most days that is. Instead, life our here is rich in natural elements and perspective. We see our neighbours as friends and the area as a gift. We listen to one another,the sounds of wildlife and wind.

As we wrap up another weekend out here, beside a sleepy lake, we cannot help but think of all that we have to be grateful for. We sauna our achey muscles after long days of moving snow or chopping wood. We go for long walks, wish upon stars and sleep soundly.

Recently we lost someone very special to us, a space likely never to be filled. Sitting in the sunshine, cold winds quietly walking across water, we’re reflecting on what it means to connect with others and our elements. Here’s hoping you start a new week, feeling refreshed, grateful and open to whatever ever life brings, be it on the wings of a bird, in the magic of a new moon or by the connections we make.

In the words of the famous poet Lord Tennyson, “I am a part of all that I have met.”

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