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German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.

As you walk into the long weekend, we wish to thank you for your tremendous support. If you follow us on social media, you will know we are fully booked this weekend at the Lodge. Here’s our list of what we love most about May long in Manitoba.
1. Being the first long weekend of the summer season is like being the oldest sibling. It is a bit wiser and more responsible but just as much fun. It is also the start of something great and loved by all. It is a moniker of what’s to come and worthy of pulling out the camera. And so simply because it is our first season and the first long weekend of summer 2016, we encourage you to raise a glass to the next three days. 
2. Traditionally is a weekend that comes with great anticipation but low expectations. We Manitobans don’t expect crazy hot weather for the May long but are grateful should it come. Because our cabins offer all comfort of home on the lake shore, you can snuggle up beside an outdoor fire or catch some sun on the beach. At JLL, we embrace all weather conditions and have something fun for everyone regardless of what’s in store weather-wise.
3. Should Mother Nature disappoint, we have saunas, hot tubs and screened in verandas. So go ahead and pack a book or decompress with your family this long weekend. May long is often a weekend to reconnect with outdoors after many months spent commenting to and from work. Typically this weekend isn’t about putting miles on the car for cross-country vacations. It’s about open windows and quiet nights.
4. An extra day off work means you get to detach from responsibility – a little longer. We encourage invigorating your soul with a walk through the trees or an hour spent trying to decipher the constellations. Being in nature has incredible benefits to our bodies and our spirits – plan to hear more about that.
5. Lastly, May long is one of our favourite weekends because it is the catalyst to all great summer plans. So go ahead, pack up the car, the cooler and the kids as you head out to the cabin for some great conversation. Talk about your ‘must-do’s’ for 2016 over a game of cribbage, map out your trail walk or drop a pin into the water where you caught the most fish. 
Whatever the weekend has in store for you, we wish you a safe and happy long weekend from all of us at Jessica Lake Lodge!
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