This beaver house is just around the corner from our resort. Many nights when out walking, I enjoy taking the time to watch them work. If they catch sight of you or hear you, they will slap their tail and then they’re gone.
I was privileged a couple summers back to have come upon an albino beaver. These beaver are on the rare side, and I enjoyed going out in the evening when they are most active just to watch them. I don’t know which was male or female, but with this couple one was albino and the other was the regular brown/black color. A family of albino beavers had been spotted and watched around the Brereton Lake area a few years before. This one I was watching was located in a ditch along Hwy #44 towards Caddy Lake. Was it one of the family members from the Brereton Lake area? One will never know but speculation is that it was. Sadly, highways got involved because of the ditch being dammed and water flooding the highway became a problem. Local trappers were called in from the area to remove the beaver.


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